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  Shanghai LUBO Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd is a professional institution offering human resource solutions by Management Consulting, management training and Experiential management training. LUBO has a team of CHAMPION consultants leading by general managers from renowned enterprises and a management team with extensive experience in business.
   LUBO has coordinated and conducted training courses for and become a loyal partner of these customers such as ABB, AUTODESTK, GE, LSI, UDS, L'Oreal, Coca-Cola, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai Jahwa and other famous enterprises all over the world.
  LUBO is a training institution with extensive management experience, close co-operation staff, encouraging creativity, forge ahead and commits to creating the most professional training institutions

Ensure customer, shareholders and partners’ satisfaction and long-lasting development based on the
service concepts of honesty

Help customers to maximize the achievement of organizational performance.

Create a professional team of research , development, promotion and service as a whole; Constantly provide
consultant-style training plan, implement of training and related services for medium to large enterprises that want
constantly seek improve management performance and consider training as a necessary investment in order to
achieve its long-term goal.Become the most trusted professional facilitator in training market.

Passion, innovation and integrity

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