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  Join LUBO, join a distinctive company!
  As an excellent and leading enterprise, LUBO consultanting regards employees as the company's most valuable
asset. Here you can work with many managers from famous enterprises, who have brought lot of inspirations. We
respect the staff's talent; help them to open a wonderful career by building them a stage for growth and display. We
attach importance to the development of staff and encourage them to pursue higher career goals by providing
professional training system and a wealth of training resources to promote staff growing. We advocate sharing; The
enterprise practices common values with employees and share success and honor with employees. Besides, we offer
competitive remuneration package and excellent welfare and security for each brilliant.
  Through this website, LUBO opened a door to you; you can learn LUBO's business and recruitment information here.
  Welcome to enter the world of LUBO! Cultivate your career and share success!

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Senior Consultant

    Job Description
   uphold passion, innovation, integrity as values of LUBO
   Willing to cultivate, harvest, share and give as well as to be happy of sharing in LUBO Consultanting.
   Willing to share rich rewards from the success with LUBO
   With at least 5 years management experience in multinational companies or More than 3 years working experience in the world-renowned consulting firm
   Master's degree or above, MBA is preferred.
   Have excellent communication skills and strict logical thinking ability
   Able to become a good trainer in a short time with the help of trainer training system
   Able to use knowledge and experience to impact and improve a number of excellent professional managers and investors
   Select work direction combining with personal strength and set objectives as well as receive full support of corporate resources
   Strive for a career but not only a job

Senior Sales Representative

    Job Description
   Develop customers, promote products and complete the sales target by phone or visiting
   establish and maintain good relations with customers and cultivate long-term clients to promote repetitive buying
   Write a training program based on customer needs, recommend and coordinate the resource of trainers
   Sign training agreements and coordinate the training of relevant resources to ensure the implementation of training
   Finish other deliveries according to the company's overall development strategy
   Bachelor degree or above, at least 2 years sales experience in training and consulting industries
   Standard mandarin, good affinity, strong communication skills
   Have excellent organization , coordination and program implementation capacities as well as writing
   Good marketing consciousness and negotiation skills, compressive ability.

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