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   With the development of market economy and increasingly fierce competition, in many
industries, strategic planning skills have been a key factor in deciding the fate of a company.
However, in practice of strategic planning of Chinese enterprises, many companies do not really
understand the nature of strategic planning. Strategic planning explains the questions that where
to, to where and how to organize. All these questions are key problems of organizational
development related to strategic positioning, goals and ways to achieve its objectives. If a
organizational direction goes wrong, the higher the efficiency the father an enterprise is on the
wrong road.

   Strategy is the planning and tactics that to seek out and maintain lasting competitive advantage
and make relevant global balance, including finding the direction of enterprise development ( not
cardinal); determining future objectives; seeking various ways to achieve its objectives; finding
various obstacles in the way to achieve its objectives; judging which obstacles can overcome and
which cannot; proposing principles and basic solutions which can address barriers; ; forming a
strategic plan with combination of strategy and course of action; proposing a plan with strategies
and action sequence; strategic evaluation and feedback.

   Lu Bo Consulting will help enterprises to solve the problems of orientation of strategic development and the systematic planning, layout and strategic support
system based on the strategic direction with the help of experts’ abundant enterprise management practice and strategic advisory practice. In the business strategic
implement, Lu Bo will help enterprises to establish strategic implement course map with full guidance and monitoring and coordinate to solve the difficulties and

   LUBO consulting focuses on how companies can establish long-term development strategy so as to achieve sustainable and healthy development. Problem
as aforementioned are including: Enterprise should choose which kind of business model(business portfolio) to guard against cynical industry risk and build a
long-term business platform; enterprises should choose what kind of profit pattern to ensure the healthy growth of profitability; enterprises should build competitive
advantage in which aspects to ensure their competitive position; enterprises should access to what original market in turn; what is the right strategy to access to the
original market and when should get access to.

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