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Experiential management Base introduction
  Experiential management is a new course proposed by LUBO consulting in June 2005 and has commenced.

  Guided by the need of customer, let the trainees learn the course through a series of management activities
and the guidance of trainer. Experirentail management means Experience management course is the study of
abstract knowledge through a vivid case, which make every trainee access to valuable harvest.

Course Title Course Target Course Goals Successful Case
Career Planning Newly appointed directors and
new recruits
Prepare the newly appointed directors for better
management standard and mentality management
Prepare new recruits for rapid integration into the
enterprise, and enhance loyalty
ABB new employees, Zenith Optimedia
middle managers ... ...
Psychological Sales
Sales managers, basic sales
make salesman increase resistance to stress so that
the indicator is no longer a stress
L'Oreal counter sales staff, Bang Group's
sales team ... ...
Leadership and
Middle and senior management enhance managers’ awareness and concepts while
allowing managers become more humane
Lippo middle and senior managers, middle
and senior Dayton Man may be ... ...
Seamless Customer
company trainees and its
Make customers walk closer with you and build
long-term relationship with you
Radiometer Mitter and its distributors, LSI's
external customers ... ...
Efficient Team In-house employees Enhance the combat effectiveness of the organization
and allow the organization to become more efficient
GE Medical, SMG ... ...
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