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  Lu Bo Consulting has a group of, general managers from well-known enterprises as Senior
Lecturers. They want to pass their management and growth experience to the clients, help them to
grow as well as contribute to level of Chinese management.

  Consultants possess
    broad range of management knowledge
    Many years of practical experience of business executives
    Deep and solid practical experience in various types of enterprise management
    Extensive experience in corporate training
  Since our consultants know the needs of management of a enterprise and the requirements of
the manager, they will combine theory with practice to make the curriculum a high and guaranteed

Yanling Yu senior consultant of shanghai LUBO Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd  ChannelEnablers-senior consultant;


   Adventace- senior consultant
   Prior to this, Ms. Yu was the general manager of Flying Eagle Electric; China Business Director of U.S. DENTSPLY; Sales Training
Project Manager (China) of GE Healthcare; Sales Manager (South-West & the Yunnan-Guizhou area) and both Parts Sales Manager
(China) of GE Healthcare ; business and sales operations manager of GE trade.
   Graduating from a U.S. Webster University as an MBA, Ms Yu has decades experience of Management work and training. she won
the Asian Management Award, Asia's best teams, 99 Year Award China Medical Systems Division, the best indicators for the completion of China Business Awards and other dozens of China's highest award of GE during her duty. Ms Yu is humor, modest and
lively in the speech and is also good at combining the latest theories to guide thinking , which make her highly amiable and appealing.
   Ms Yu has developed and presided over the Sales management, Leadership and motivation, negotiation skills, change
management, Strategy and Practice, Channel Management.
Since her work experience make clear about clear about status of the
various components of the enterprise, Ms Yu can help enterprise to solve the real problems according to their status.

Dazhong Tsai senior consultant of shanghai LUBO Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd


   Prior to this, Mr. Tsai had been working in the world's top 500 in the high-tech product sales, marketing management, channel
development, etc. Mr. Tsai was 3DConnexion Inc (a subsidiary of Logitech Electronics Group) - Asia Pacific and Greater China
Managing Director; Taiwan Tyco Electronics (Tyco Electronics) - Sales Manager; Taiwan Autodesk (Autodesk software company) - Big
Client Business Director; Taiwan, Oracle (Oracle) - Senior Operations Manager; Taiwan NCR (NCR IT) - Business Manager.
   Graduating from Ming Xing Institute of Technology College, Mr. Tsai has more than 20 years experience of management work
training. He lead his sales team to achieve a very outstanding sales performance, established a good business relationship with the
clients and created significant value of long-term development for the company during his duty in Oracle,Autodesk,Tyco and
   Mr. Tsai developed and hosted a number of courses on how to help companies improve the overall efficiency of marketing
capability through a series of related courses such as Professional Selling Skill Training, Professional Selling Skill Training,
Sales/Marketing Strategy Development, Effective Sales Management and Channel Business Develop
. He has rich experience of
life which makes his course lively. Many cases are his work experience. In addition, he has a wide range of lecture objectives since he
host a show in Taiwan TV station.

Zhaoyu Jiang Senior consultant of Shanghai LUBO Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd

   Mr. Jiang has more than ten year’s street smarts in corporate management training. He held an office in a well-known domestic
consulting firm and was charged with training and management there. Mr. Jiang thoroughly acquaintance with the actual operation of
the enterprise as well as a wealth of real working experience and management skills, especially in consumer goods industry training.
He has unique understanding of the processes of the industry structure and its trends. in addition, with good expression and communication skills, his course is clarity, structured, practical and thorough. He also has a solid theoretical foundation and is good at
thinking combined with the latest theoretical guidance, which makes his lesson style, lively, modest and funny. Mr. Jiang is an indoor
trainer of emotional intelligence and leadership ability, Leadership and other courses. Besides, he was invited as a trainer of Chinese
Fortune magazine.

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