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Consumer Staples IT Industry General Courses
Course Target:
    Middle and senior management
Course benefits:
    1、Management in the actual work
    2、What guidance should be given for different types of employees
    3、Some basic principles of management
    4、What kind of manager is acceptable to all
    5、How can effect performance in the process of management

Syllabus of Leadership
Ⅰ. Leadership Formation

    (1) Personal
    (2) Organization
    (3) Team
    (4) Family

Ⅱ. Four components of comprehensive leadership

    (1) self-leadership
    (2) team leadership
    (3) result-orientation leadership
    (4) thought-orientation leadership
      Discussion: about charisma

Ⅲ. Pro-active attitude towards life

    (1 ) Definition of precaution
    (2 ) Take initiative
   (3 ) Treasure the power of promise
    (4 ) Ascend influence
      Case study : What should you do if you were Mike?

Ⅳ. Establishment of life goal

    (1) Two wonders in one’s life
    (2) manifesto
    (3) Management of life gravity
    (4) Establishment of a life goal
      Personal exercises: how to compose a manifesto

Ⅴ. Formation of win-win thought

    (1) Bring independent will into play
    (2) Transformation from independence to dependence
    (3) The importance of win-win thought
    (4) Formation of win-win thought
      Role playing: Tom and Jerry

Ⅵ. TeamBuilding
    (1) Successful relationships
    (2) Excellent team members
    (3) maximize the effectiveness of the team
      team exploration: get out of the Sahara Desert

Ⅶ. Cognition of leader roles
    (1) A orientation-guiding leader
    (2) A excellent coach
    (3) A Enthusiasm-maker ---cheerleader
    (4) A clear-headed audience
      Group discussion: what kind of leader ship should we be?

Ⅷ. How to enhance leadership influence?

    (1) How to better understand the company goal
    (2) Keep pace with company goal
    (3) Influence model
    (4) Performance result
      Case study 1 : how to influence your boss?
      Case study 2 : how to influence your colleagues?
      Case study 3 : how to influence your clients?

Ⅸ. How enhance team leadership and team cohesion

    Four tactics for team coach
      1)Tactic one: create circumstance
      You can provide an opportunity to grow as a model.
      Team learning
      2)Tactic two: performance partner
      1.Establish a mutual-trust and mutual-understanding relationship
      2.Credible behavior
       How to win subordinates’ trust?
     3.listen
       listening is the key word of partnership
      3)Tactic three: Stimulate commitment
       Step one: Identify the gap subordinates
       Step two: effectively feedback simulated commitment
             eight types of effective feedback combat exercises
             how can subordinates solicit and receive feedback
             how to deal with the difficulties in the process of dealing with feedback
       step three:provide worthy coach
             teach employees how to meet new challenges
             teach employees how to improving performance
Ⅹ. Individual action plans

    (1) Pursue a healthy life
    (2) Do not stop self education
    (3) Help others to grow up
    (4) Balance team development
    (5) Become the backbone of the company
    (6) Promote company results
Award Certificates

Directions: While the entire course creates a positive and effective learning atmosphere, every participant can obtain a shocking force. Everyone is their own
leaders. Only be able to lead a good life with the principles of their own can one become an excellent team leader. This course will enable participants to recognize
their own power of change, growth, strength and the power of leadership, thus they could lay a solid belief in the leadership and successful leadership style.
Sales Management
Course Target:
    Company sales leader, middle and senior management
Course benefits:
    1、Notes for Sales Management Process
    2、customer type analysis
    3、 How to handle customers’ objections
    4、How to reach a good consensus with customer
    5、 Auxiliary methods to achieve the performance
Syllabus of Sales Management
Ⅰ. The essence of sales management

    Concept of sales management
    The power of sales management
    The working process of the sales management

Ⅱ. methods for improving performance management

    The main methods for improving performance
    Strengthen the confidence of the salesmen
    Attentions for business etiquette

Ⅲ. Main content of self-management

    The importance of self-management
    Methods for self-management
    Utilization of self-management at work

Ⅳ. client management

    80/20 Principle
    How to choose a target customers
    The management of different types of customers
    Loyal client
    Rapid-growth client
    Potential client
    Client who is worth attention and cultivation

Ⅴ. How to deal with customers’ objections

    Reasons for objections
    principles of dealing with objections
    skills for dealing with objections
    using the Great ultimate
    directly refuting

Ⅵ. successful models in different regions and effective communications

    Successful experience of sales management in different regions
    How to do information sharing and effective communication
    Communication skills and mental grasp when facing different groups of people

Ⅶ. Time management

    Set the target schedule
    Coordinate target schedule
    Execution of sales management and time check

Ⅷ. How to develop an ideal goal

    Let your employees make it by themselves
    Target projects should be terse and concise
    Targets should be quantized and specific
    Other skills for developing a goal

Ⅸ. Set objective procedures by two way communication

    Develop sectoral targets by discussion
    Subordinate propose draft of personal goals
    Superior examine the drafts of subordinates

Ⅹ. Strengthen propaganda and training of the sector

    The importance of education and training
    The contents of education and training
    Methods for education and training
    Importance of teamwork

Ⅺ.Convention Management

    Preparations for talks and communications
    Notes for talks and communications
    Skills of talks and communications
Award Certificates
Professional Selling Skills
Course Target:
    Sales representatives, sales executives, sales managers, business executives
Course benefits:
    1、Make marketing personnel be easy in management and able to develop their performance by achieving consistency of selling ideas, attitudes and
    2、Improve trainers’ ability, knowledge and skills by making simple but profound analysis and perspective of their psychology, confidence and selling skills.
    3、Strengthening training and get a better understanding by drilling simulated exam
    4、Enhance the sales staff scientific thinking and literacy heritage by deepening understanding of strategic thinking mode and importing smart consultative
      sales model
Ⅰ. Must high quality of excellence salesmen

   1.Personality and moral
    2.Willing to pursuing excellence
    3.Knowledge and skills of training

Ⅱ. Skills and procedures for professional selling

    1.Successfully and effectively win opportunities to visit
      1) Have access to effective customers’ lists
      2)Recognizing effective customers
      3)Getting a successful solicitation of customers’ invitation
      4)Preparing for the visit
    2.Manage to get a successful solicitation of customers’ invitation during the visit
      1) Excellent and self-confident opening
      2)Casting charisma
      3)Good product description
    3.strategic questions and listening
      1) Open-ended and closed questions
      2)Listening skills
      3)Observation skills
    4.Identify customer needs and key barriers
      1) Detection techniques
      2) Identification of the key problems
      3) Client’s problems and analysis of needs
    5.Smart product introductions
      1) Solutions and product introductions
      2) Skills for lectures and demonstrations
      3) Introduction of company teamwork
      4) Sharing successful programs
    6.troubleshooting objections from customer
      1) Analysis of trouble’s structure
      2) After listening analysis
      3) Showing empathy
      4) Raise new diversified solutions
    7.the success of the signing a contract
      1) The timing of signing a contract
      2) Skills and attitude
      3) Try for a contract

Ⅲ. Course summary and following-up

   1.Final Simulation Test
    2.Curriculum review and analyze
    3.Tracking the progress of the post-training

Award Certificates
Effective Public Speaking Skills
Course Target:
    Professionals, supervisors or managers who often need to carry out internal and external speech
Course benefits:
    1、Learn how to effectively analyze and organize the content of speech
    2、Master behavior skills for a successful speech and arouse the audience's actions
    3、how to answer questions in the speech and deal with tough audience and enabling the audience to keep the attention at the same time
    4、learn how to effectively use visual aids
Syllabus of Effective Public Speaking Skills
Ⅰ. Opening speech

Trainees discuss together and understand what is speaking ability, clearly understand what are the main characterization of effective presentation

Ⅱ. Basic communication skills

By means of the introduction of the model of the effective communication, let the trainees know what must be done and what to avoid as far as
possible in the effective communication

Ⅲ. Preparation for speech

Through the analysis of audience characteristics and understanding of the background of the speech, let trainees learn examine theme from the
audience's perspective, prepare for a speech according to relevant background, use of related test tools to verify the lecture topics and preparation of
presentation materials

Ⅳ. The organization of speech

Through speech structure learning, i.e. opening speech, main content of the speech and conclusion, trainees master the various parts of the main
tasks to be completed. Then, they supposed to get a better understanding of the speech structure by practicing opening speech and the conclusion.
"Circular-style" speech and "persuasive" speech are the two main types of a speech. Through the discussion of these two main principles of a
speech, trainees are supposed to understand their characteristics and precautions.

Ⅴ. Make a speech

Trainees are supposed to maser the behavior of a successful presentation skills through the learning of 5 kinds of moderator skills, discussion of
how to control the presentation time, use of learning aids, and knowledge of how to make flexible use of various effective presentation of factors such
as stance, gestures, eye contact, smile, dress, language and speaking style, etc.

Ⅵ. Eliminate tension, answer questions and respond to very few tough audience

Through discussion, let students learn how to make a plan and preparation of the challenges during the speech, know the appropriate pressure on
the performance of speech is helpful ; know that a correct response to questions from the audience is the best opportunity for a addresser to clarify
and emphasize the main points of your speech. By using the five intervention techniques, trainees grasp how to deal with the challenges during the
speech and to ensure the smooth progress of speech.

Ⅶ. Skill practice

It is the best way to raise their level of speech by practice using speech skills learned from the course. The highlight of the training course is a
ten-minute speech practice which will be recorded so as to make a summary from trainees’ feedback and the trainer.

Practical Application:Discuss how to combine the learned public speaking skills with practical work by recalling the urgent need to
improve presentations skills, as well as trainees’ own characteristics and advantages.

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